This site will document the building of a camper van from a 1975 Volvo C304 (TGB13) (3202)


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  1. Nice build
    how come you had trouble fitting a 4 cylinders in the place of a 6 ?
    was it the transmission that was long or the inline 6 was made in a special way ?

    Naji M.

  2. You're right the engine is shorter. The gearbox on the tgb is a fantastic bit of engineering and incredibly short. My auto box and transfer is much longer making the whole drivetrain length an issue

  3. Hello Kind Sir,
    You are my hero!!! Many talk about doing the Turbo Diesel Swap… And you are!!! Please do contact me, I am actually starting the swap right now. Different components, but same idea. I am of course interested in your personal build, as I was thinking of doing the same. Land Rover does have the offset front and rear differentials to the right side, so it just makes sense. You have made my day by cutting the square sheetmetal that right over the engine! I was wondering how I was going to stuff the tall 1984 mercedes OM617 into that space with out having the Diff pumpkin hit at full compress. You have paved the way, My cut off wheel is ready! My Trans is the 1996 Chevy NV4500 5 speed, mated to the 1974 Toyota land Cruise Transfer case with the advance adapter ORION steel case update and 4:1 low range. Using that transfer because of the offset duff's. Anywho… Like i said, I would like to "shoot the **** ". Thank you for posting, many a man (and hopefully woman) will drool over this build!
    Eamonn Price
    (I hope you can send a message through the email left, otherwise i will keep checking here for a response. I have pics to prove my position. I am in Southern Cali)

  4. Are you in the uk? don't know if you got the last message?
    fantastic stuff helps me want to finish my tgb and with 300tdi my choice diesel conversion if i could. Was going om602 td with SMT kit but now thinking again. Best of luck regards Phil


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